First Solutions supports State & Local governments that are driven to improve their broadband infrastructure so they can deliver their citizen's faster Internet speeds, choice of service providers and a consistent broadband experience at affordable prices.

What is FTTH?

Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Networks provide enormous value to residents, businesses, Government, schools, healthcare facilities and emergency responders to connect the communities in which they live. Since FTTH connectivity is 200 times faster than conventional broadband internet services, fiber experts believe that the introduction of fiber networks "will be as different from our current experience as the world was before electricity and afterwards; before telephone and afterwards; before the Internet, and afterwards."


FSP3 delivers a 360 solution that brings together the right people, at the right time, in the right role to design, build, finance, operate & maintain innovative broadband solutions that support an agency's need to serve the public, with optimum efficiencies at a lower overall cost.

Greater Bandwidth

With greater demands for broadband services, including social networking sites, photo- and music-sharing services, the YouTube & NetFlix video streaming service, and aspects of Web 2.0 required much more extensive bandwidth than low-level broadband like 1 Mbps could provide. Demand was pushing faster than supply. And municipalities across the nation pushed cable and telecommunications providers to accelerate their investments. Broadband networks provide connectivity to businesses, schools, hospitals, libraries, universities and local governments.


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