About Us

We are committed to support a better, faster, more consistent and affordable way to deliver internet services to homes, businesses and institutions.

We do this by offering two products;

1. Infrastructure development;

FSP3 helps State and local Government partners arrange private funding for a broadband network with substantially all the development and operational risks transferred to the private partner.

2. Advisory services;

Focusing on all stages of the project lifecycle, performance requirements and project risks to ensure that the broadband network will be a reliable platform with the necessary flexibility to achieve the desired broadband objectives.

FSP3 delivers a "deployable" feasibility study for State or local governments.

In contrast to the traditional "THREE HUNDRED" approach;

  • 100 thousand dollars
  • 100 days to deliver
  • 100 page report

Which "traditionally" results in spending precious time & money on a study that will need to be redone when the design firm is contracted to complete and (hopefully) stand behind their work, price & timeline.


We are a managed infrastructure services company supporting a Public-Private Partnership (P3) business model for governments that are driven to improve their broadband infrastructure. As Macquarie Capital's North American partner, First Solutions provides clients with a wide array of expertise and resources in wireless and wireline networks, content distribution, and telecommunications infrastructure.

Our primary objective is to support government agencies with resources, expertise & funding solutions that deliver greater value, accountability & reduced risk at a lower overall cost to the public. FSP3 was founded on the principle of maintaining a quality of character throughout our management team while providing experience, integrity, innovation and a commitment to build local alliance partners. FSP3 leverages our public partner's existing personnel ensuring the right people are involved, serving in the right role, enabling government agencies to serve the public better, with greater efficiencies, at a lower overall cost.


First Solutions currently serves the following categories within the telecommunications sector:

Municipal Fiber infrastructure

  • Open access model or closed
  • ISP competitive tension maintained
  • Revenue sharing option available

Public Safety Communications

  • Support transition to 4G LTE Public Safety broadband digital network

Government Communications Networks

  • SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition)
  • AMI (advanced metering infrastructure)


  • Reach-out
  • Fill-in
  • Wi Fi

Persistent Maintenance

Our fiber network design integrates alert and trap systems which facilitate immediate notification of network incidents, with support plans and redundancies in place to minimize network outages.

Wide-Ranging Experience

FSP3 has more than 144 years of executive leadership experience, our team members have built over 164,000 km of fiber across 49 states, served over 6 million end users, and managed over $3 billion in combined P&L.

Efficient Operations

FSP3 works with our public agency partners to establish customized Service Level Agreements (SLAs). The reliability and quality measurements are contained in a set of tools designed to assist both service providers and suppliers to monitor, measure, and better understand performance of the products in operation throughout the network.

Local Commitment

FSP3 promotes a unique Public-Private Partnership (P3) that begins with the Public Partner's involvement to determine what should be delivered, then relies on both the Public Partner's resources, as well as local area contractor support and ends with the private partner carrying the risk of delivering
what was promised, including cost, time to build & performance.

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